Blockchain Fest 2021 — Biggest event in Crypto Industry?

Limassol Cyprus — Blockchain

The world is moving at a very fast pace and individuals and businesses who are managing to keep pace with it are succeeding. One of the biggest innovations of the last decade was the concept of Blockchain. What was just an idea back then is now being called the next big thing matching the hype of the internet. With awesome capabilities and limitless potential as far as the imagination can think of, we know that there is so much that Blockchain can do that is yet to be envisioned. That is why it gives the global community a chance to join heads and think of a solution to solve global problems with the advancement that is Blockchain. We all know the big things that Blockchain has achieved, the biggest being Cryptocurrency. But with advanced security, transparency, quality assurance and more, Blockchain has already managed to vastly improve all industries with the biggest impact coming to the financial, medical and supply chain industries.

Now coming back to the main topic. What is Blockchain Fest 2021? Where & when will it be held? And why is it so important? To answer the first one, a two day businesses to business (B2B) event hosted in Cyprus by FINEXPO for all the major players to come together in one place where they can discuss anything and everything related to the latest technologies and Blockchain. It will be held in Parklane Hotel in Limassol Cyprus in May 2021 and will be open for 1,000 visitors on spot as well as more than 10,000 visitors who can stream the event live to benefit from it. Now to answer the last question, individuals taking part in the event know its importance in building connections, sharing ideas and getting valuable insight into the latest in Blockchain projects. It can also be a place for businesses to showcase their portfolio. As for its importance relating to everyone else in the world, its no secret that Blockchain can benefit every industry. Any revolutionary idea thought up at the event will surely one way or another positively impact the lives of millions.

The final itinerary hasn’t been released since the event is still quite far away but we can assume the list of interesting topics that will feature in the event. Discussions will take place on Cryptocurrency, Crypto Exchanges, DeFi, Mining, futuristics payment methods, improving technology and of course Blockchain. This event promises not only to be an amazing occasion for the big guns in the tech industry to get involved but also gives those who are just starting out in this field to get some valuable experience by joining in this opportunity. Other than experience, the chance to meet top level investors in the industry and a unique space for business development does not come that often on such a grand stage. The location of the event fits the setting since Cyprus is a technology Hub where major companies are setting up offices in and development is taking place at a very fast pace. To every company/individual looking to travel and experience the Blockchain Fest 2021, I can definitely say that it is going to be worth it. If you are interested in coming to the event or sponsoring, tickets are available here.

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What are your thoughts on this topic? Are you excited for Blockchain Fest 2021? Will you be going or watching it online? What is the best use for Blockchain in your opinion? What else can blockchain do? Share your opinions and ideas with us in the comments below and we would love to feature you on our platform. Stay Safe and Keep Trading!