Will Tyslin be the next Bitcoin?? Tyslin — to empower digital nations

Tyslin was launched by Tyslin Foundation LLC, a blockchain technology company to develop the cross-blockchain ecosystem.

After getting involved in bitcoin in late 2014, we noticed there was initially a real push by the crypto community to get vendors to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. Unfortunately, most major vendors did not want to take the risk associated with holding or even trading in BTC as a currency. The need from the crypto community to be able to use their cryptocurrencies as a currency however remained a real issue.

The Tyslin business model is built in the light of our deep conviction that blockchain technologies will radically change many fields of human life, especially those that require confidence in external institutions or require mediation.

According to financemagnates.com “Volume of the crypto currency market estimated at 180 bln USD, and then number of active bitcoin wallets 11.5 million Users.

65% of them use mobile applications as main client, then number of mobile messenger users in 2019 is 3.827 bln — Half of the world’s inhabitants. The volume of mobile payment market reached 780 bln USDs. While the total volume of mobile payment market will reach 1 trillion USD in 2019.

TYS is not only a coin but a technology consist of more than a bits of code and algorithms. It’s a community that organically grows network of individuals to set core principles, visions, beliefs and ideas collaborating together to develop Tyslin.

TYSLIN coin specification

● Token name: (TYS) Tyslin

● DPoS algorithm (Delegated Proof of Stake)

● Maximum tokens amount: 2 000 000 000 TYS

● Genesis-block: 980 000 000 TYS

● Block time: 5 seconds

TYSLIN is a new blockchain operating system that promises fast transaction, highly secure, confidential, super-simple and, above all, stable business application to run and maintain. The biggest advantage of Tyslin is the improved scalability — faster and more cost-effective handling of large transaction volumes.

Tyslin software enables vertical and horizontal scaling of distributed applications. It provides authentication, accounts, database, asynchronous communication and can schedule applications across multiple CPU cores and clusters.

Tyslin Vision

Tyslin Blockchain vision is to help asset holders spend their cryptocurrencies at retailers worldwide, using those retailers existing Gift Card infrastructure. Ultimately we would like to show retailers that their customers are interested in spending cryptocurrencies, hopefully increasing further adoption.

We dream of a world where cryptocurrencies are the major forms of currency used for all trade, at all retailers across the world and we are here to bridge that gap for everyone.

Tyslin Mission

Together we are exploring and challenging the boundaries of traditional finance by opening up the world to a decentralized economy through the blockchain. We strive to create a future where any transaction that can be made with fiat money can also be made with cryptocurrencies, but empowering people to always be in complete control of their own funds.

Our mission is to deliver the world Blockchain-based system for data and message transfers along with an integrated payment system providing a truly fundamental benefits for all-personal and business-like communications

Our Goal

To empower digital nations.

Tyslin Private Blockchain Messenger

The advancement through technology enabled Tyslin Foundation to invent blockchain based cryptocurrency wallet with capabilities of storing and transferring cryptocurrency securely within the chat messenger. It supports 5 different cryptocurrencies at the moment and user can operate the app in 5 languages: English, Deutsch, French, Italian and Russian.

Tyslin Private Messenger is already available for use at: https://messenger.tyslin.com

Instead of storing your chat communications or calls on a central server, Tyslin uses blockchain technology for decentralised file sharing to carry and distribute encrypted messages.

MC (Multicrypto) Wallet Application Solutions:

All-in-One App for Your Digital Assets (Beta testing phase)

The Tyslin Team

Tyslin was founded on the conviction that blockchains, and other technologies for decentralisation, will have some of the most profound social implications in history, and that’s something we wanted to be part of. Having trust in team’s capability, the founders decided to launch a unique Messenger Application that transform the way people communicate and utilise the cryptocurrency in day-to-day life.

Tyslin and its program code is open and public.

Everyone interested can make an independent audit for the code and discover following distinctive security and anonymity features in Tyslin.

  1. https://github.com/Tyslin-Blockchain
  2. https://github.com/Tyslin-Blockchain/Tyslin-explorer
  3. https://github.com/Tyslin-Blockchain/Tyslin-Messenger
  4. https://github.com/Tyslin-Blockchain/Tyslin-Wallet

Tyslin project includes the following methods for growth of active user base:

  • An ICO campaign
  • A Bounty Campaign;
  • The Tyslin Reward programs and referrals and many more

If you have any further questions regarding the ICO, partnership or would like to schedule an interview, please email to: business@tyslin.com

Website : https://tyslin.com/

Messenger : messenger.tyslin.com/

Explorer: explorer.tyslin.com

Bounty : bounty.tyslin.com

Next Generation Blockchain Application Platform.